Players and Characters

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The Players:

Abdul Al Gaharaz of the Griffin Rock Hold of the Sharaza Ashazan – Human Cleric, played by Drake: Abdul is from far off lands and is on pilgrimadge as part of cleric duties for his diety Zepheryon.  For traveling and daily activities Abdul wears undyed, loose, flowing linen robes tied at the waist with a blue silk sash. Underneath the robes he wears undyed linen pants that are tucked into soft leather boots that reach mid calf. On his head he wears a blue-dyed linen shemagh with a simple white cross-hatch pattern. To protect his eyes from the harsh desert sun he wears a sun visor carved from a piece of wood, with a slit removed along the width and attached with cloth strips attached to the left and right ends which tie at the back of the head (Think Geordi La Forge’s visor in the most basic sense of shape). He wears a bandolier with several belt-pouches and some loops for attaching small objects. From his neck hangs the quadskele holy symbol of Abyzeron with the Air stone (Sapphire) at the top ( Fire: Ruby, Water: Aquamarine, Earth: Peridot). Attached to his bandolier is a 9 inch (non-magical) wand with a griffin’s body carved into it with the tip capped with a brass griffin head and the pommel capped with a brass eagle’s claw clutching a small star sapphire.

Bale – Human Fighter, played by Derek:

Bicklebrick (Be-ckle-bre-ck – Dwarf Rogue, played by Lars: This rugged dwarf comes from the Delcral Stronghold in the east.  Bicklebrick signed up as a mercenary to protect Hal’s wagon as they ventured North and West.  He outfitted himself in what the humans called Studded Leather Armor, won a donkey named Snot in a game of chance, and simply continued to tell stories on their travels of great dwarves and of the great endurance he had in drinking.  Click here to read Bicklebrick’s full backstory (caution could contain some background spoilers)

Jamalamin Bushblazer – Human Ranger, played by John M:  Jamlamin is average looking in most ways. He looks like an average man, except that his face has no stubble and his blue eyes seem older than his more youthful skin tone. It’s the way he looks through/into people and is always staring into the distance.

He has darker blond hair, carelessly hacked at about shoulder-length. If anyone looks closely, there are a few gray hairs in the bunch – another indication of age beyond youthful appearance. Otherwise, he keeps himself decently groomed.  He wears a gray-brown cloak/cape over normal traveling clothes (or some worn-looking hide armor). His boots are tall and also look well-worn. Everything about him seems a bit worn and traveled. His possessions seem simple and are uninteresting.
Click here to read Jamalamin’s full backstory (caution could contain some background spoilers.)

Nibil The Beardless – Dwarf Paladin, played by John K :The first thing one notices about Nibil is his height. While unremarkable for a dwarf, the sight of his shaved head gives different expectations. Even those familiar with a dwarven build have a moment of confusion reconciling the oddity. He has a broad, easy smile, and dark farmer’s tan from his long days on the road. Sunburns were a regular occurrence, despite that the feel of the breeze and sun on his skin reminds him every moment of his relief from the crushing decline of his underground life. His hair has lightened to a dark brown, but his eyes haven’t lost the redish shine in dim light, common to dwarven darkvision.  Click here to read Nibil’s full background story (caution could contain some background spoilers)

Rhyztim Alehame – Human Wizard, played by Nick:

Non-Player Characters

Barah Cloudcaller – Barah stands about 5’8″ and could be between the ages of 35 and 50, with a slender build and a somewhat weathered appearance.  He is wearing a cream woolen sweater with multiple holes and singe marks on it and wollen trousers reinforced with leather patches.  His clothes and skin are dirty, he looks far more like a blacksmith than a wizard.  A long leather coat with multiple pockets hangs from a coat rack behind the counter and a wide brimmed oiled leather hat lays on the counter top as if to try and make some claim that this man does in fact know something about magic.

Amen “Bleeder” Mermen – A laconic looking 17 year old guard at the gates of West Ward.  He has dirty unkept hair and wears a wood shield on his back with the 3 brown towers of West Ward on a red field emblazoned upon it.  Bicklebrick challenged him to a fight when he was taxed entering the city and gave him the nickname of “Bleeder.”  The two have promised to meet up at some point at the Cross Cut Inn to settle up.

The Merris Family – The Merris family are a 3 wagon trading family selling textiles and buying gems and hides in the Wardlands.  They have agreed for the PCs to travel with them to the town of West Ward.

Dun Merris – He’s the wagonmaster, father and head of the outfit, he has 5 children with him.  Dun is a suprisingly descent man, fair, honest and makes for a solid travel companion.  Dun lost most of his hair after he lost his wife 3 years past.  He is garbed in simple but well cut clothes that seem like they’ve seen many miles on the road.

Nel Colt – Nel is Dun’s oldest daughter, she has stringy brown hair and seems to constantly teeter on exhaustion.  She has two children, Derra and Maraih, and is married to Mal Colt.  She is a quiet woman and keeps to herself and her children for the most part, the constant toil of traveling, and herding her children seem to wear on her.

Mal Colt – Mal is Nel’s husband he’s older than her and in his late 30s, Mal has a strong jaw and the lean look of a man who’s known hunger before.  His brownish red hair is kept fairly short and is rarely styled.  He has an easy smile but tired green eyes.  A scar starts just below his left ear and gets larger before disspearing under his collar.  He walks with a bit of a limp but has strong arms and shoulders. Mal often has a distant, far-away look in his eyes and you’ve heard that he spent time as an archer in the army.  He has a long bow and quiver over his shoulder most often and seems a capable hunter.  He’s apprenticing to learn the textile business from Dun but seems to enjoy life on the frontier more than in the city.

Derra Colt – Derra is one of Nel and Mal’s daughters.  She’s 8 years old and has a strangely blank expression for a child her age.  She rarely laughs or cires.  She often wanders off and twice she’s been saved by Mal from a wild animal.  Her parents worry that she may be simple but she knows her name and will reluctantly give answers when asked.

Mariah Colt – Mariah is Mal and Nel’s younger daughter and an opposite in every way from her older sister Derra.  She laughs, runs, cries and is in every way a typical 5 year old.  She is often seen playing with a few simple toys in the dirt or climbing around on wagons when the adults aren’t looking.

Mennius Merris – Mennius is Dun’s oldest son at 22.  Mennius is often sick with a rough cough but his sharp mind and solid head for numbers has paired well with Dun’s salesmanship.  Mennius rides in Dun’s cart most of the day and emerges only to inspect materials or for meals around the evening campfire.  He does not seem very personable but among others of high intellect he can be quite engaging.

Hal Merris – Middle Son Hal is Dun’s middle child at 15,  Hal Merris has a wide lantern head with reddish hair and freckles that form on the back of his neck.  His eyes and mouth appear a bit too small for his heavy build, dispite his tall and thick frame he’s a nice quiet kid who likes splitting wood, tending horses and fixing broken goods.

Emon Merris – Emon is Dun’s youngest child, and twin his sister Ester.  He’s a young excitable child and loves playing with his cousin Mariah.

Ester Merris – Ester is Dun’s youngest daughter and twin to her brother Emon.  She’s quiet and spends much time with her oldest brother Mennius in the wagon.  The two of them have a very close bond.