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The heroes have another encounter at night and begin to wonder why the hell do these guys want these sheep so damn badly?

Previous Session: The group brought Kovacs’ remains to town and tended to some matters in town.  They were able to sell the heavy crossbow for a tidy sum and recruited a new party member Brock, a young northerner who knows Sven. While in town the group met up with the Saulbrooks and saw them making progress on their inn/brewery.  Clyde borrowed money from the rest of the group and gave Paul enough to hopefully get a forge built for him.  Sven sent down some additional men from the keep guard to help the Saul family so the group had additional guards for the night and they managed a good rest.  In the mourning Clyde and Aeron attended Kovacs’s funeral and talk with Paul Saulbrook who is also in attendance.  He tells the heroes that June his daughter is still having disturbing dreams.  The group heads back to the farm afterward.

As night falls the group spots 3 torches coming over the hill to the north of the field.  Seeing them coming over boldly they figured them for friendlies.  The three figures turn out to Evander Goodwell, Dun Hollis, and a new face by the name of Mel.  They’re all guardsmen from Dawnfall Keep.  They were sent down by Sven to give the group a hand tonight as Sven wasn’t sure if the group would be in morning or not.

Evander comes off as a know it all and full of eager young energy.  As Godric talks with him the two decide to spar and while the kid is young and more than a little reckless he does manage to best Godric in a couple of their sparring sessions.  Evander seems to have some strange ideas when it comes to how to guard the sheep.  Dun is disinterested in him for the most part and Mel is simply cold and unprepared for a long cold night in the rain.

Brock does what he can to help Mel out while Clyde goes and sets up in a bit of a blind near the snares.  While setting up in the dark away from the noise of everyone else Clyde is able to listen to the night but the rain is loud on his helmet and he hears little else other than his own breathing.

Godric and Evander discuss swordsmanship for a while until Evander thinks he spots something on the ridge.  He shouts out “NIGHT MEN!  SHOW YOURSELVES AND FACE JUSTICE!” and starts walking determinedly towards the hill.

DM’s Note: It was a ton of fun playing Evander as a cocky know it all young solider.

Crossbow bolts strike out from the ridge line as 6 7 figures appear on the ridge line.  Godric takes a bad hit in his leg, while Evander gets grazed.  Godric and Evander are still a fair distance away from the ridge but they start charging while shouting out to the others that they need help.

Aeron and Dun debate on if they should stay at the sheep pen and wait for them or if they should charge out.  Aeron is determined to go help and Dun reluctantly follows.  Mel is left behind to guard the sheep.

knight_fightEvander is faster than Godric but seems to waver between targets, some of the men start to come down from the rise and one falls into a deadfall.  Another comes down the ridge as Godric charges towards him.  The one ahead of Godric pauses at the bottom of the hill as Godric meets him head on.  As he closes Godric realizes that this man has a spear readied against the charge.  He deftly manages to push the spear aside and sheathes his sword in the man’s chest.

[Editor’s Note: While we’ve been calling it a deadfall, it is actually a trapping pit. A deadfall trap is one that drops a heavy object on the target after it trips a trigger]

Meanwhile Clyde is sneaking forward in the forest trying to flank around the group.  Brock is moving across the field with the same idea, enter the woods and flank around.  Clyde who is alone and without a torch in the forest smells smoke.  Unsure of what to make of that he starts to move upwind looking for the source.  Brock spots him and charges into the underbrush giving away his position. Clyde curses him and resumes his approach on the ridge.

Aeron runs ahead and drops to a crouch and steadies her crossbow watching the figures fight in the night hoping for a clear view of one of their weaknesses.

Godric continues to take fire and he charges up the ridge.  Below him Evander fights wildly with another man but fails to cause any damage to him.  Dun catches up to Evander and drops the swordsman that Evander was fighting with with a nasty hit from a spiked mace.  Godric reaches the top and sees two men trying to haul the third out of the dead fall.  He charges again shoving a second down into the deadfall.  The third picks up a spear and lunges for him but misses.  The two fight for a bit with the spear man steadily falling back until Godric gets in a vicious hit and drops the spear man.  Looking down into the muddy rainy pit the other two seem to be in poor shape.

At this point only 2 crossbow men are left Evander charges after one which retreats back into the forest while Brock and Clyde break through the forest and charge up the slope at the last one.  Due to Clyde’s short legs Brock gets there first and dents the hillside with his maul.  However he manages a second try and crushes the man on his second attempt.

burn_barnAtop the slope the group can see a faint glow on the horizon towards the farm.  Aeron, Dun, Evander and Brock charge off for the farm running full tilt down the muddy wet trail to the farmhouse.  Clyde and Godric search the bodies for survivors hoping to find someone to question.  In the dead fall they find one man still alive and try to ease him out of the dead fall and carry him across the field.  While Godric was able to stabilize his wounds the jostling of being carried across the field in the mud was too much for the man and by the time he was back to the sheep pen he had expired.

When the rest of the group get down to the farm they find it engulfed in flames.  Fire pours out of both sides of the barn and the cabin is burning heavily.  The group frantically searches for signs of survivors.  Dun and Aeron gather up some horses and Dun manages to find a trail.  The trail looks to include small child sized foot prints.  Brock runs back to collect Clyde but Godric waves off claiming he’s too injured.

Clyde and Brock run back down the hill while the rest of the group begins tracking the numerous footprints that lead into the forest.

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