These are the the major and minor characters that make up some of Dawnfall’s population:

Rulers and their households:

dawn_symbolThe Noble House of Dawn – The Dawns are an older but fairly low born family who presided over the village of Dawnfall but were subservant to the Tarths who ruled from the Tower of Tarth to the south and their liege lord the Sterlings who ruled from the Sterling keeps to the north.  Dawnfall was positioned on the intersection.  The Dawn crest is a white sunburst on a black field, it is common to see this crest chilsed into the stone around the keep or pressed into the metal for various fixtures around town.

adam_dawnAdam Dawn – Male 56 – Adam is a lean man with light hair and tanned skin.  He has many age spots but has a healthy and vibrant attitude.  He is the magistrate of Dawnfall but in truth he only controls the keep.  Adam weathered the war within Dawnfall and although the city around the keep burned he managed to hold the keep through the war.  Much of this is due to Duncan ‘Wolfsbane’ Hollis a knight that Adam hired into his service. Sven says that Adam is a just and honorable man.

juliette_dawnJuliette Dawn – Female 44 – Juliette is thin with sharp features, she has dark eyes and blonde hair.  She is Adam Dawn’s second wife after his first wife died in the war.  Juliette came to Dawnfall during the war, there is a rumor that she is the last surviving member of a noble family from Bravaria.  Her son by Adam Dawn is Justin.

justin_dawnJustin Dawn – Male 14 – Justin is light haired and has strong chin.  He has light eyes and is rather handsome for his young age.  He is headstrong, he can often be found hunting in the woods outside of Dawnfall with some of his friends who are soliders or guardmen of the keep.

hollis_symbolThe Hollis of Dawnfall – A small household consisting of a knight and his son sworn to the service of Adam Dawn. The Hollis family is low born with Sir Duncan earning his spurs in the war.   The family symbol is a white and black wolf leaping on a tan field.


Sir Duncan “Wolfsbane” Hollis – Male 55 – Sir Duncan has grey hair, and a worn face.  He is friendly, and rather personable for a military man.  His reputation nearly always precedes him, he won some reknown in the war.  He came to Dawnfall after his men had been harried for 2 weeks by a group of raiders.  Adam Dawn opened his gates and gave Hollis’ men shelter.  From the safety of Dawnfall Sir Duncan was able to root out the raiders that had pursued him previously.  He is the Captain of the Dawn Guard and his soldiers are now in the employ of Adam Dawn.  He has a son Dun Hollis.

dun_hollisDun Hollis – Male 24 – Dun is the son of Sir Duncan “Wolfsbane” Hollis, he is tall at 6’4″ with dark hair and a rough beard  His muscular build is intimidating but his cloudy eyes and perpetual disinterested expression seem less than threatening.  Dun served with his father in the war and is said to be a tough opponent in combat assuming he’s sober.  It’s wildly talked around town that Dun is a disappointment to Sir Duncan who keeps him employed as a guardsman out of pity.  Dun uses the drug Sammish regularly and can also been seen drinking whenever booze is available.

pense_symbolThe Worthy House of Pense – The Pense family is very old dating back at least a dozen generations.  While previous ancestors are said to have been lords of land and wealth the current Penses are merchants, a status a fair bit lower than their ancestors.  The Pense symbol is 13 gold coins on a blue field.

mennius_penseMennius Pence – Male 41 – Mennius has a heavy build and is rather overweight.  He has a grey beard and is well dressed and neat.  He runs a pricey mercantile shop in town near the runined fountain.  Mennius is the main beneficary behind all of Dawnfall’s taxes.  Mennius brought a bunch of workers to Dawnfall after hearing about it lasting through the war.  He rebuilt the outer wall and pays the local milita/town guard.  To compensate him for all of this he charges a rather hefty tax on every building within the wall’s boundries.  Cal his younger brother is the town’s tax collector.  Mennius is said to be fair and generous but there are many empty buildings in town however he ensures the town guard will not allow anyone to squat in them unless taxes are flowing.

cal_penseCal Pence – Male 38 – Cal has a simple goatee and a more clean cut appearance and dresses far more simply than his elder brother Mennius, he acts as the tax collector for Dawnfall. People don’t appear to greet him warmly.  He has a fastidious attention to detail and has an accute knowledge of who is doing what in Dawnfall.  Despite this he is not a gossip.

Other Notable Personalities in Dawnfall

everett_killgraveEverett Killgrave – Male 33 – Everett has a thick and heavy look about him.  He is often seen in patched and worn mail with a large brimmed helm.  A former butcher he earned a great deal of respect in the war.  He lead a large group of refugees to safety and is said to be fearsome with a blade.  He serves as the leader of the town watch and serves under Mennius Pense.  He came to Dawnfall at the request of Mennius to serve as the leader of his household guard and advanced to being the leader of the town watch after risking his life to close the town gates when the watchmen were suprised by raiders sneaking up in broad daylight.

evander_goodwellEvander Goodwell – Male 15 –  Evander has clear bright eyes and an eager look of purpose about him.  He acts as a keep guardsman.  Both Everett Killgrave and Sir Duncan seem to like the boy and it’s rumored that he is going to be groomed to become a squire for Sir Duncan.  He is often asked to lead patrols.  Some of the other guardsmen seem to dislike him.

walton_missionWalton Mission – Male 54 – Walton is a tall hallow man with a unkept beard and sad eyes.  He wears a scarf around his neck to hide a large mass of scar tissue that he recieved in the war.  He is a mute and runs the trapper shop and works as a tanner for Kate Wolt the main trapper in town.  Not much is known about him.

jon_saulJon Saul – Male 46 – Jon has red hair and a thick corn fed look about him, despite being a subsistence farmer.  He dresses often in sheepskin and leather.  Jon is a farmer and sheephearder who lives outside the walls of Dawnfall.  He is a capable woodworker but always seems to have more work than he can keep up with.  He is a brave man who lost much during the war.  His cabin is well fortified from within however he has a hard time keeping his lifestock safe with all of the preadtors in the woods.  Jon is the town champion woodsplitter and also won an axe throwing compitition at a harvest festival 2 years ago.  He has a wife and 2 daughters and a son.

bridgette_saulBridgette Saul – Female 38 – Bridgette has strawberry red hair and a sad but determined look often.  She is an excellent cook and wife to Jon Saul.  Rumors around town are than Jon weighed half of what he did before he met Bridgette.  Bridgette has 3 childeren by Jon.

jake_saulJake Saul – Male 10 – Jake is Jon and Bridgette Saul’s son.  He has bright red hair with a delicate facial structure.  However he is a strong boy and a capable horseman who also shows good discipline when managing the family flock.  Jake is a good shot with the family crossbow but lacks the strength to draw it back.  He is not quick to trust anyone he doesn’t know.

lia_saulLia Saul – Female 11 – Lia is the eldest Saul child, she has reddish brown hair with a tired look about her.  She was kicked by a horse when she was young and while she survived she’s had trouble breathing ever since.  She has fine features and shares her mother’s aptitude for cooking.  While unable to do much heavy work around the house she also has a fair bit of skill at crafting and fixing clothes.  She is polite and eager to meet new people. She seems to admire Godric the Saul’s sheep guard.

maya_saulMaya Saul – Female 8 – Maya is the youngest Saul child.  Suprisingly she seems to have few if any of the sickly symptoms that most childeren her age have.  Most young childeren are sick and weak in someway while Maya is bright and full of life.  She can often be found chasing chickens, churning butter, and tending to the horses.  She is a sharp and inquisitive child who is at least a bit wild.  Unlike her elder sister she can be found hiding in bushes spying on visitors and playing games with her brother.

Mace Durham – Male 36(D) – Mace was a tall meaty man with a thick mane of red hair tied back in a shaggy ponytail.  He was the main craftsman and blacksmith of Dawnfall.  He died when his forge caught fire 4 days before the heroes arrived in the city. Deceased

lein_durhamLien Durham – Female 28  – Lien (Lee-in) is an attractive, thin, burnette with long hair and a sad face. She is the widow of Mace Durham.  Rumors abound that Mace’s death unhinged her mind.  She now claims he was murdered despite no evidence supporting those claims.  She was a jealous wife when Mace was alive, and had been seen by many dressing down other women who she claimed had designs on her husband.  Her son is Wilton.

wilton_durhamWilton Durham –
Male 8 – Wilton is a classic ginger, he has his mother’s light skin and his father’s freckles and red hair.  He is a quiet child.

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