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The heroes regroup after losing a comrade and lay his bones to rest.  They take care of some business in town and do what they can to help make things better for the residents of Dawnfall, meanwhile actions are happening beyond their knowledge, they can’t help but think that a storm is coming.  Previous Session: While chasing after the crossbow wielding assailant the party became split.  Kovacs and Godric perused him until they reached a large clearing and then crossed a wide stream.  There Kovacs was killed by a twisted bear in the woods, Godric narrowly escapes death and manages to regroup with Clyde and Aeron.  The city watch comes out and together with some of the guards they track the bear back to a rocky clearing in the woods.

Aeron and Clyde lead the way with Sven Dietrich, Dun Hollis and Evander Goodwell trailing closely behind.  They quickly reach the clearing and move in to investigate.  They find a small quantity of remains of Kovacs in the clearing and clear evidence that the bear had fed.  They collect what than can of him and also find his coin purse.  While there they also investigate the ruined farmhouse and find evidence that someone had stayed there within the past fortnight.  After searching the location they do not find anything else of note.  They were able to track the bear a bit further up the hillside but after that they lost the trail.  Seeing the sun getting lower on the horizon they head back to the stream where they regroup with Everett Killgrave leader of the town watch who tells them that he found some sign of the man they were chasing to the north but they too lost the trail after a bit.

Sven offers them a warm bed for the night but they turn it down to help Jon Saul and his son with over seeing the sheep that night.  Jon creates a simple tent for them out of a large piece of canvas, and the night passes uneventfully. Godric reflected on his narrow brush with death and becomes more cautious as a result.

DM’s Note: Godric gained a large amount of experience since Kovacs died leaving him with the full CR4 XP reward for escaping from the bear alive.  This brings Godric to level 2 while Aeron and Clyde both gained a CR1 level reward for successful tracking and good role playing when dealing with the remains of Kovacs.

The following day the groupis paid by Jon Saul for the work they’ve done so far and they head back up to town and takes the remains of Kovacs to the temple of the sun for burial.  Clyde gives over the full 4 gold to have a funeral for Kovacs and the priest accepts.  The burial is scheduled for the following day.  Afterward they meet up with the Saulbrooks who have managed to secure a ruined 2 and a half story building that might have been an inn once.  They’ve hired half a dozen laborers to help rebuild the building and appear to be getting along well.  Clyde creates a very accurate model of the forge he’d like built and asks if Paul will over see that for him.  Aeron and Godric go shopping and sell the heavy crossbow that Clyde grabbed from the crossbow man in the woods and they sell the rest of Kovacs’s possessions.  This allows Godric to get a long dagger with a chain on it.  The scabbard is engraved with the words “Strike True” on a small brass plate.  He also gets a heavy leather coat with a woolen fleece lining and a coon skin cap.  Aeron gets a simple wooden crossbow with a lighter draw and 20 bolts.

DM Note: The crossbow was one of the more significant rewards the group has seen so far.  A heavy military crossbow is capable of throwing bolts that would pierce heavy plate and could be used for dropping large game such as elk and deer, even though this crossbow is a bit worn it still nets the group 60 gold pieces.  After all of their other purchases they still leave the store with 30 gp or about a month’s worth of wages for a basic tradesman.

With close to 50 gold Clyde gives nearly all of his wealth to Paul Saulbrook in hopes that he can get the forge made.  Aeron notices that June Saulbrook Nev (recently married to Philip Nev) looks very tired and worn down, while Paul and Philip seem optimistic and energized with the work to do on the tavern they’re trying to construct.  Aeron tries to talk with her about it but gets shrugged off by June but she does manage to discreetly use the crystal given to her by Sven Dietrich and notices that the crystal is darker than it was previously when she last examined June.  Paul convinces Clyde that he should enlist one of the laborers named Brock who seems better suited for guard duty than carpentdary.  He’s a young man about 17 years old with a wild look about him.  He has a large heavy crude maul which is little more than a flattened rock on the end of a metal pole.  He knows of Sven somehow and seems indebted to him.  When he hears that the work they’re doing is for Sven’s benefit he eagerly joins up.

DM’s Note: Brock is Eneasz’s new character, this new character introduction played out pretty quickly.

dawnfall_graveyardThe group heads back to the farm, and beings another night’s watch.  The sky is slightly overcast and the group takes turns manning the watch.  Again the night passes uneventfully apart from wolf howls farther off in the night.  At Dawn Clyde and Aeron attend Kovacs’s funeral.  Kovacs is burned with his ashes burned in a small grave a simple foot tall headstone reads:


There are few morners but the Saulbrooks do show up to pay their respects, a town guard comes down and watches for a bit and a man leading his horses out in the morning stops and watches from afar.  Afterward the Saulbrooks offer their condolences to Clyde and Aeron.  As Philip and June head back into town Paul takes them aside and says that June has continued having bad dreams.  He’s hoping it’s something that will pass and that it’s just nightmares from the trauma that she went through on her way to Dawnfall.  When prompted he tells what he can remember of her screaming awakenings.

“A fire in the woods that is stolen away”

“A blackend slab dark and bloody.”

“They shall come in sixes”

Clyde impresses upon Paul that he should tell this to Sven Dietrich but Paul shows some reluctance.  He doesn’t want her to dwell on it too much but he promises to think about it.

Clyde and Aeron return to a cold breakfast at the Saul family farm where they find Brock installing steaks into the deadfall that Clyde and Kovacs built 2 days ago and Godric is working on splitting cordwood and creating some benches near the sheep pen.  Once finished Brock starts work on a second deadfall while Aeron works on sharping steaks.  Clyde checks the traps and the group gets a bit of shut eye before nightfall.  As they awaken for supper a light rain is falling.  They get some bait for their traps from the chicken scraps and head back up to the clearing for yet another nights work.

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