Bicklebrick’s Background

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Caution may contain some character spoilers, feel free to read it but try to avoid metagaming.

This rugged dwarf comes from the Delcral Stronghold in the east.  Having grown up in the midst of his clan, Bicklebrick was the youngest of his 4 siblings, not only was he largely considered the baby of the family but he was also known as “Elgrim,” or “enfeebled.”  This was due to some early childhood illness which gripped at many dwarven infants, causing blindness, grave illness and sometimes death.  Luckily, Bicklebrick survived the Black Krut, without any visible signs that he was worse for wear.  It was only as he Bicklebrick grew and filled out that it became apparent that the Krut had taken it’s toll on his vitality.
At the young age of 20 as he was to begin his 10 year apprenticeship as a smithy that it became evident after 6 months that Bicklebrick’s muscles lacked the necessary fortitude to continue the grueling 16 hour days in front of the furnace and anvil.  Through sheer force of will, he kept his apprenticeship for 2 years, developing his strength and attempting to bring his body into submission.  It was his smithy artisan, which sent him down into the mines to find a rare mineral which saved his body from collapse.  The times in the deep caverns did Bicklebrick’s body and mind good.  Reconnecting to the Earth, Bicklebrick found a renewed fortitude as he honed his senses to find this rare mineral.  Over the last 8 years of his apprenticeship, Bicklebrick would spend nearly half his time in the mines searching for this rare mineral, Otag-ril.  This meant his goods made from the furnace were good, but not exceptional.  Therefore, he was not able to take his place amongst the artisans.
Reaching the age of 30 and without a suitable career path, Bicklebrick was allowed to come back to his families holdings.  Coming from the Noble Caste, but being the youngest child meant that no land or title would be his and the best he could ascribe to would be a leader in the army or step down in caste to become a common dwarf.  However, his childhood title of “Elgrim” only began to resurface as it was apparent he could not pass his artisans test, it appeared that military service was to be thrust upon him.
In his first weeks in attempting to lead, he found that the heavy dwarven armor to be too restricting and he tired too quickly from the encumbrance.  While in military exercises one day, he was challenged by a new warrior attempting to make a name for himself, something that was all too common in the military.  When challenged, Bicklebrick refused the challenge and told the dwarf to get back in his place.  This was not the common caste system, however, Bicklebrick’s caste meant nothing in the military and he was shamed by refusing the challenge of a lower rank.  Bicklebrick’s superiors then issued that this challenge must take place by rite of Dwarven Military Law.  The fight should have been Bicklebrick’s opportunity to establish his name and dominance in the Military, but it ended up that the fight, which drew on for hours, only left Bicklebrick exhausted to the point of collapse.  The enlisted grunt had only attempted to tire out Bicklebrick, knowing that his weak fortitude would give out before any other dwarves.  Slumping over in defeat, Bicklebrick was stripped of his military record for falling before an inferiors feet and banished from the Dwarven army.
Bicklebrick, now having ample time at his disposal, spent time still searching for the mineral, Otag-ril to get away from life in the city.  Knowing that if he could find this marvelous metal that he could shape it into the greatest armor and axe the world had ever seen.  One one of his excursions down into the deep mines, he was jumped by three dwarves, bound and hauled away to a secret location.  As the hood was pulled off his face, he was surrounded by dwarves who were darker than the mines themselves.  A slight figure appeared before him, tall and thin, but whose wiry muscles seemed to twitch with every step.
“Do you know why you are here, Elgirm?” The figure questioned.  “No, let me tell you why you are here.  You have been attempting to live a life, you were not meant to live.”  The look on Bicklebrick’s face only reinforced what this figure was saying.  “You are bewildered aren’t you, Elgrim?”  “I was the one that released the Black Krut upon Dwarven society, not to destroy it but to create a new caste.  One where dwarves would no longer be held to their slow, plodding ways, but to create a new warrior…THE GOT.  Far quicker and more deadly than the typical dwarf.”  The figure paused to see Bicklebrick’s reaction, but rather than the typical response that had been seen so many times before, Bicklebrick appeared calm and eager to hear what this figure was offering.  “So you are to learn our ways Bicklebrick for 10 years.  You will learn how to be deadly using nothing but a rock.  You will learn that simple armor is more effective than the thickest plate.  And you will accept an apprenticeship as a miner, so that we may teach you are ways.”
Without hesitation, Bicklebrick accepted this offer, somehow knowing that he was different than the rest of his society.  This would also allow Bicklebrick to find the Otag-ril to form his weapons into the finest metal ever known.  Over his thirties, Bicklebrick learned that his muscles were quicker than almost any dwarven warrior, he learned the weak spots in armor, and he learned how to disable his enemies without physical force.  As his thirties grew to an end, he was summoned by his dying father, before the whole family and the dwarven historian.  “Bicklebrick my boy,” he began, “I do not wish you to spend the rest of your days in the mines.  You are my son and I shall not have you as a mere miner.  Therefore, let it be known that my dying wish is to reestablish ties to the lost Dwarven Karak Clan.  It was said that they have gone mad there,  but we know in our family records that it is the last place that Otag-ril was known to be.”  Gasping for his last breath, he continued, “Bicklebrick, you will be our family emissary to these people and you will need to find passage to that far off land as the tunnels there have collapsed a millennium ago.  Let it be known that Bicklebrick is now and will forever be the Baraz of the Family.”  And with those words, the old man died.
Eager to begin his travels, Bicklebrick began his travels without reporting to his final testing for the GOT warriors.  Believing that his days in the mines were behind him, to his amazement, he was approached by the same dark figures, although this time no words were exchanged, only steel flashed in the moonlight.  Bicklebrick’s axe had not yet tasted blood, but it appeared his GOT training worked well with his axe as he mowed down one dark figure after the next.  The tall, wiry figure dispatched the four guards who accompanied Bicklebrick, their heavy armor their demise as daggers pierced through the plating into vital organs.  As the dust cleared, only Bicklebrick and the tall, dark figure remained standing.  “This is not over,” the dark figure began, “when you return to your home, your brothers will be murdered, your sisters will bear my children before their deaths and your house shall be in ruins.”  And before Bicklebrick could respond, the figure instantly disappeared as if the air itself swallowed him whole.
After spending several weeks taking care of the dead guards and making sure their return to Jacob’s Bench was ensured, Bicklebrick signed up as a mercenary to protect Hal’s wagon as they ventured North and West.  He outfitted himself in what the humans called Studded Leather Armor, won a donkey named Snot in a game of chance, and simply continued to tell stories on their travels of great dwarves and of the great endurance he had in drinking.
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