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The group manages to survive their first night working for the Saul farm, and makes some surprising discoveries in the woods the following day.  They quickly learn that they are not alone at night.  Previous Session: The group sets up  at the Saul farm and meets Goddard, the sell-sword hired by the Sauls to help them guard their sheep.  They went about setting up snares at the north eastern portion of the clearing where the sheep pen is and began their watch over the night.  In the night the wolves did come and Clyde charged out and quickly became surrounded.

Clyde began the session on his back surrounded by half a dozen hungry wolves.  While he was able to get to his feet the wolves would slam into him attempting to knock him down again.  Rather than fighting back Clyde maintained a defensive stance as long as he could.  Aeron ran over and so did Kovacs while Goddard held back and defened the sheep pen from any flanking attacks.  Aeron circled around the dog pile that Clyde was in the middle of and managed to get in two good hits on a wolf, hamstringing it an finishing it when it tried to run away.  Kovacs laid one wolf wide open with a nasty slice of his scythe.  Shortly afterward another howl was heard from the woods and the wolves departed.

Not much worse for wear the party regrouped and inspected the snares.  All three snares had been tripped but had nothing in them.  After examining them more closely Godric noticed that the strings that tied the snare loop to the anchor pegs had been cut.  The group repaired and reset the snares.

The following morning the group met back at the Saul’s cabin.  They tell the Sauls what happened last night and express their concern that there might be a man lose in the woods at night as well.  Jon thanks them for the information and promices to button the cabin up extra tight each night.  He tells the heroes that he expects that they should be able to protect the sheep but if they need help they might want to ask the city watch.  He doesn’t have enough extra money to afford additional guardsmen.

The group decides to build additional traps and Clyde and Kovacs start work on a deadfall near the rise where the wolves came over last night.  Godric chops up cord wood while Aeron sharpens stakes for the deadfall.

foggy_crossbowmanLow lying clouds move in later in the day turning into a heavy dense fog as the sun sets.  Clyde and Kovacs continue working past sunset burning torches to see.  Even with the torches it’s difficult for those back up at the pen to tell they are in the meadow with the heavy fog.

Once the deadfall is close to being finished Clyde and Kovacs start to head back to the warmth of the braizers around the sheep pen.  On the way over there they hear the sound of a large animal possibly caught in one of the snares.  Clyde rushes over Kovacs not too far behind.

Upon reaching the snares Clyde sees the snares have been sprung again but nothing has been caught he moves closer entering the woods and spots two sets of eyes reflecting his torchlight back at him.  He charges at them and finds the eyes belong to a large greyish white wolf and a tall man in studded leather armor with a simple helm.  The two intruders react quickly and the man raises a heavy crossbow and loses a large bolt at Clyde which narrowly misses.  This seems just to make him angry.  Clyde drops his torch and ets slammed by the wolf but his armor protects him from any serious harm.  The crossbowman retreats to reload.

Clyde contiunes to chase down the crossbowman while Kovacs enters the woods.   Seperated and in the dark foggy forest the two can only communcate by shouting directions to each other.  As Clyde persues the man Kovacs get savaged by the wolf who retreats after worrying Kovacs’s leg.  Kovacs ignores the wolf and follows Clyde’s shouts in the murky wood.  Clyde manages to catch up to the crossbowman while he reloads and connects with an attack.  The assailaint drops his crossbow and draws a rusty looking blade.  Kovacs then comes charging out of the woods and connets with a fierce blow of his scythe.

The crossbowman is badly injured from Kovacs and takes off running.  Just as he dashes off into the woods Godric arrives.  Kovacs and Godric together take off in persuit.

DM’s Note: For this combat I didn’t use minatures due to the reduced visibility, and to be honest I liked it a lot more.  All of the movement and placement was done by just drawing on the battlemat.  I feel it was slighly less tatical for the players but far more descriptive and immersive.

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