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You wanted to do something different this year for spring break so you signed up for an Adventure Hiking/Rafting multisport trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  4 days ago you met up with the rest of the group and your hippie new-ager rafting guide.  After hiking for 2 days and rafting for a day and  half and then exploring side canyons filled with Indian carvings you’ve settled down for the night.  Around 2:30am you are awakened to human screaming, animal snarls and shrieks and the tearing of fabric.This was the setting for our fist Dread game that was played on the 28th.  We had six players, Ryan who played a civil engineering student with some rafting experience (Ryan is actually a very experienced rafter in real life), Rebecca, a philosophy student with a practical streak, Eneasz an economics major fleeing the blue collar world that his father grew up in, Monica, a fashion designer with a penchant for over packing, Drake a freshman with a bit of a green thumb, and Sabrina an English major with a fear of snakes.

Dread is a simple game played with a Jenga tower.  Each time a player wants to do something challenging or avoid doing something that would come very naturally, they have to pull one or more blocks from the tower.  Should the tower fall the player is killed.

We started out the game in a darkened room (making pulls more difficult) since it was night each player struggled to get out of their sleeping bag.  Eneasz had a flash light (and a real life flashlight for assisting others with pulls when in the dark) and shined it on the guide’s tent and saw a large black creature ravaging the tent.   When the creature turned and looked towards him he dropped the light.  When he brought the light back up the creature was gone leaving on the ruin of the guide’s tent.  The guide (Alec) is moaning in severe pain.  Drake is the first to reach the tent and when he looks inside the horrible shape of the guide’s face causes him to lose his dinner.  (he decided not to pull to try and retain his dinner).

Over the next two days the group would brave the river and scout for safe places to beach the boats for the night.  Sabrina managed to signal a tour plane and through their broken radio hopefully get across that they need help.  They weather a rainstorm and one of their boats gets damaged in an attack at night.

When the guide recovers a bit he tells them that he thinks the creature is Yee Nannolooshi a skinwalker, but he isn’t able to give them much more detail before passing out from his wounds.  Rebecca and Ryan had some great moments playing out whether or not to euthanize the guide for fear that he might turn into a werewolf or a skinwalker himself.  Drake did a great job playing a young fearless kid when he went to check on the guide the following day and found him gone through a 3 foot hole torn in the bottom of the tent.

Drake chased down the guide who was being dragged away by a hungry mountain lion but ultimately gave up the chase when it looked like the guide was already dead.

Eneasz took watch the second night and despite pulling very well early in the game toppled the tower.  He was hit from behind by the guide’s corpse which was thrown at him in the night.  Their two bodies fall into the fire together effectively smothering most of it.  Rebecca did her best to keep light on the skinwalker as it closed on the group while Ryan and Drake did their best to fight it off.

While neither of them became injured while fighting it Drake looked at the thin and tall tower and decided that a sacrifice needed to be made.   He pushed the tower over blinding the skinwalker and driving it off.

The rescue crews arrived later the following day.

I wanted to write up a bit of epilogue but the game had run from 6 – midnight and I didn’t want to keep people out much longer.  It was a really great time though and I’m looking forward to hosting another game near the Christmas holidays.

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