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The group chases after assailants in the foggy night and finds more than they were looking for. The group learns the dangers of spliting the party and that the woods are dark and full of terrors. Some learn this a bit too late for the information to be useful.

Previous Session: The group has setup again to guard the Saul family’s flock. They have reset their snares and nearly finished a dead fall on the eastern rise in the meadow. A heavy fog sets in and the group’s visibility is greatly reduced. In the night Clyde spots a disturbance in the woods near the snares and goes to investigate. Godric and Kovacs go to investigate and discover a crossbow man and a wolf who have disarmed their snares. Clyde engaged the crossbow man while shouting for help to Godric and Kovacs. A fight ensused in the woods , Kovacs was savaged twice by the strange wolf and Clyde spotted that the crossbow man eyes give off reflections like a wild animal in the torchlight. After Kovacs laid into the crossbow man with his scythe the assailant fled into the dark woods. Godric and Kovacs gave chase while Clyde’s short legs couldn’t keep up.

Godric and Kovacs start tracking the strange crossbow man through the woods. They both have torches and the assailant seems to be leaving a clear trail of broken brush and the occasional blood trail. Kovacs’s scythe seems to have inflicted significant damage.

The two of them track the man for over 2 miles over moderate terrain before reaching the base of a steep hill. When the start climbing up they hear a loud crack and dive for cover. They both dodge a boulder which tumbles downhill snapping a large piece of dead fall. The two speed up their persuit and crest the hill and follow the trail along the ridge until it drops down another steep embankment. They collect additional branches and use them as improvised torches and follow the trail. At the base of the embankment they find the trail enters soft mud and then a wide stretch of water. The fog is still very heavy and they can’t see across the water nor do they have any idea how deep it is.

Clyde has regrouped with Aeron back at the sheep pen and two of them have been waiting in the dark debating on whether to pursue the crossbow man or if they should maintain their guard over the Saul sheep flock.

foggy_bearKovacs decides to brave the water, he gingerly enters the water and finds that it has a light currant giving him hope that it’s a river or creek. Since he wants to use the torch he has only a dagger in hand and his scythe on his back. As he moves deep out into the water the water gets up to chest deep before starting to receed. Godric is hesitant to enter and stays further back. As Kovacs reaches the far shore he sees something in the mist, it’s large about the size of a wagon with rounded features. He shouts back to Godric “I’ve found something come quickly!” Kovacs charges the shape as he closes the shape becomes clear. It’s a massive 12′ Grizzly bear with disfigured features including 2 smoking pupiless yellow eyes. The bear is faster than Kovacs, it’s growl sounds like a great tree snapping in the dark. Kovacs’s last sight in this world is of a series of white claws attached to a great bear paw coming up to meet him.

DM’s Notes: While it might seem a bit cruel to one shot an player by a creature that strongly out matches him I let the dice decide how this encounter was going to play out. This was the first real threat to the PCs and I didn’t want them to feel like the campaign was filled with straw men waiting to get knocked down.Eneasz  had already been damaged badly twice by the wolf from the previous session but still charged headlong into the fight. Upon seeing a moving shape far bigger than himself he also chose to charge it, it fit very well with his headstrong, vengeful character. All in all I felt it fit into the story very well and I’m looking forward to Eneasz’s next character.

Godric hears Kovacs shout for help and starts into the water only to hear the bear’s unearthly sound shortly afterward. He freezes midway across the stream alone in the mist. He listens carefully for a short while hearing some splashing and dragging sounds before extinguishing his torch and diving below the surface and swimming downstream and away from the terrible sound. Godric manages to evade the bear but spends a cold night shivering on the steep hillside above the stream waiting for dawn to come.

Clyde and Aeron worry about their friends and when dawn comes they tell the farmer Jon Saul about the incident near the snares and about their missing friends. Jon sends his son off to alert the city watch and goes with Clyde and Aeron to find Godric and Kovacs. Godric gets lost in the woods but manages to find his way back to the party by hearing their shouts. He tells them what happened from his point of view and together they very carefully go in search of Kovacs.

DM’s Note: Eneasz at this point was really hoping they’d find an unconscious player on the far bank but alas that didn’t happen. I thought that the group did a great job of role-playing out the discovery of what did this without relying on the meta-game description that they heard during Kovacs’s actions.

The group finds the bear tracks and Aeron and Clyde go together into the woods to see if they can track the bear back to it’s lair. They follow it for about 3/4 of a mile finding Kovacs’s scythe along the way, until the trail takes them to a rocky clearing. There’s been a fire in this area some years ago and a large number of snags are in the area with less undergrowth. Clyde thinks that the loss of the undergrowth in the burn must have weakened the hillside which eventually gave way and created a rockslide into the burn area. In the clearing is the ruins of a farm house. Aeron spots some carrion birds in the clearing eating something. Afraid to enter the clearing they go back to the group giving up Kovacs for dead.

The group finds its way back to the farm where the city watch have arrived with Everett Killgrave the watch commander. He hears their tale and asks if they would lead his men towards where the bear was last seen so that they can mark the area for a future hunting party. Godric feels he needs sleep more than that while Clyde and Aeron agree to go with Killgrave.

DM’s Note: I felt that this session went really well however with the death of Kovacs I felt I needed to regroup and alter my plans for some of the future encounters, so we ended the night about 45 minutes early.

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