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The party reaches a crossroads and continues on into the dark night in search of the Saul family.  What they find is their greatest challenge yet.

Previous Session: The heroes had gone off in search of the kidnapped Saul family.  They pushed through the forest and crossed a river swollen with rain.  They have discovered strange rock formations and seen many signs of the great bear that lives in the woods.

The group finds a dilapidated road house covered in kudzu and undergrowth.  Brock searches around for a bit while the group debates which road to take.  Brock discovers a trail that comes in from the other road and crosses through the under growth meeting up with the road to Feth a little ways down from the road house.  The party decides that this is the route to go.

The trail ends up turning sharply east and begins a steady climb up a short but steep hill.  The road swtichbacks and forth up the sharp hill and the hill side becomes steeper and steeper until just below the summit of the hill the hill side drops away forming a sheer cliff.  The road snakes along the edge of the cliff offering some views of the area below. A dull red glow appears on the horizon showing that sunrise can’t be too far off.

Clyde spots a thin wisp of smoke emerging from below the trees about a mile and a half away.  Revivied with thoughts of being on the right trail they start heading down the far side of the hill.

Not long after starting their descent they hear some loud cracking noises further up the hill behind them.  The noises continue growing louder and the group starts to hasten their descent.  The crashing behind them continues and then shifts to the party’s right and starts to continue down the hill.  The party freezes waiting for the sound to pass them by.  The crashing does go past them to the right and moves down a bit further.  There’s more loud crashing then silence.

After a bit of quiet the group cautiously edges down the next 2 switch backs below they can see that a large tree has been felled across the road.  Dun cuts off a long straight branch and shapes a crude spear out of it. They approach the tree and can see that the base has been mauled and slammed by something large.  They pass around and under it and head about a 1000′ past it and see a great shape in the road about 1000′ feet further ahead.  The group begins to panic Dun calls for a forward charge while Clyde tries to rally the group back toward the tree to use it as cover.  Since Clyde’s suggestion didn’t involve running toward the roaring mass of fur, claws and teeth the party follow’s his lead making it back to the tree.  However when they turn back around the bear is no longer on the road.  Carefully scanning the trees around them they see no sign of it.  Clyde has ducked under the tree while the rest have piled up on the far side.  Clyde out of the rain is able to hear a bit clearer than the others and hears a faint dragging sound to his right.


He readies his crossbow and looses a bolt low to the brush line and hears a large beast grunt in annoyance.  Peering out from under the tree Clyde can see the bear sneaking toward them nearly flat on it’s belly crawling toward the right flank of their cover.  Clyde shouts out what he sees and Brock leaps atop the fallen tree ready to do battle.  The bear sees him and charges.  As Brock sees a few thousand pounds of angry bear closing in on him he begins to step back but is a bit too late.  The bear rakes his quads and legs as he falls backwards.  Dun attacks it with a spear and manages to score a grizzly hit to the bear’s mouth but the bear retaliates by sundering the crude spear.

Evander ducks under the tree and tells Clyde he’s going to charge out there.  Clyde convinces him that the two of them should work together to flank the beast.  Aeron backs up and begins examining the beast for any possible weak points readying her crossbow.

Godric moves up to begin attacking the beast while Evander swings wildly at the creature’s back.  Clyde attacks the foot that’s nearest to him while Brock gets back up and runs around the tree to charge at the mass of teeth and claws again. All of the PCs can see now that this is no normal bear.  It’s eyes are two small burning yellow coals that leave whisps of acid smoke as the bear thrashes about.  It’s teeth are oversized and appear too big for it to close it’s mouth.  Bits of bone protrude out of it’s shoulders and joints and it’s fur is matted and foul smelling.

The bear is pretty well surrounded at this point and the attacks from all sides are definitely showing, furious with these gnats that are hurting it.  After Brock deals it a nasty blow shattering it’s foot it charges him biting him in the torso and bull rushing him into the woods.  Everyone else takes this opportunity to lay into the rear of the beast and Godric, Evander, Aeron, and Dun all get good hits in.  Meanwhile Brock’s situation is becoming quickly dire in the mouth of the monster.  Before he knows what’s happening he’s hurled through the air and lands in a ticket of undergrowth about 30 feet away.

This was fun to play out I think the group really felt their whole part at risk and every attack was a desperate blow to try and end the beast.

The bear turns, rears up and smashes down on Godric ripping at his face and knocking him senseless.  Bloodied the bear seems like a force of nature.  The remaining fighters continue to hammer down blows that the bear seems unable to feel.  It turns looking to end Dun next when a shout comes from behind.  Brock has gotten to his feet and charged in his huge maul held over his head.  As the bear turns to meet the threat Brock hammers his blow home caving in the skull of the foe before teetering to the side and falling over.  The forest seems very silent after that.

DM’s Note: For falling below 0 hp both Brock and Godric will likely suffer permanent injuries.  Not all wounds heal.

Brock is still conscious despite grievous wounds and Godric is revived but his ear and the side of his face seem horribly mangled.  The horses have all run off in a panic.  Exhausted and lucky to be alive the group takes stock of their conditions and begins to ponder their next course of action.

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