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Dread 11.28.09

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You wanted to do something different this year for spring break so you signed up for an Adventure Hiking/Rafting multisport trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  4 days ago you met up with the rest of the group and your hippie new-ager rafting guide.  After hiking for 2 days and rafting for a day and  half and then exploring side canyons filled with Indian carvings you’ve settled down for the night.  Around 2:30am you are awakened to human screaming, animal snarls and shrieks and the tearing of fabric. Read the rest of this entry »


Campaign Notes 11.11.09

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The party reaches a crossroads and continues on into the dark night in search of the Saul family.  What they find is their greatest challenge yet.

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Campaign Notes 11.04.09

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Tracking through the woods at night is a dangerous occupation.  The group begins to discover more evidence of previous civilization in the woods and wonders how far they will have to go to try and rescue the Saul family.  Read the rest of this entry »